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Learning Resources Robot

At Inventive Classroom, we're excited to showcase our comprehensive range of Learning Resources Robots – the perfect tools for fostering creativity, problem-solving, and STEM skill development in learners of all ages. From the iconic Botley 2.0 Coding Robot to the engaging Clock Robot and Robot Mouse, our collection offers something for every young learner eager to explore the world of robotics and coding.

Botley 2.0: The Ultimate Coding Companion:

Meet Botley 2.0 – the next-generation coding robot from Learning Resources. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, Botley 2.0 makes learning to code a breeze. Children can program Botley to navigate obstacle courses, solve puzzles, and complete challenges, all while developing essential coding logic and problem-solving skills.

Botley: Your Coding Sidekick:

Botley the Coding Robot is the perfect introduction to coding for young learners. With its screen-free coding capabilities and interactive features, Botley sparks curiosity and creativity as children explore the basics of programming through hands-on experimentation.

Engaging STEM Learning with Robot Mouse:

Robot Mouse offers a playful way to introduce STEM concepts to young learners. With its programmable features and maze-solving abilities, Robot Mouse encourages children to think critically, plan strategically, and develop logical reasoning skills as they navigate through maze challenges.

Clock Robot: Combining Fun and Education:

Learning Resources Clock Robot merges learning and play uniquely. Children can explore concepts of time, measurement, and sequencing as they interact with this innovative robot, making learning about time both engaging and enjoyable.

Unlocking the Power of Coding:

Our Learning Resources Robots are more than just toys – they're educational tools designed to teach coding logic and inspire a lifelong love of learning. By engaging in hands-on coding activities, children develop essential 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Fostering Future Innovators:

At Inventive Classroom, we believe in the power of robotics and coding to shape the innovators of tomorrow. Our Learning Resources Robots provide the perfect platform for children to explore, experiment, and innovate as they embark on their coding journey.


With Learning Resources Robots from Inventive Classroom, the possibilities for learning and exploration are endless. Whether it's programming Botley to navigate mazes or experimenting with Robot Mouse's maze-solving abilities, our robots offer engaging STEM learning experiences that inspire curiosity and creativity. Order your Learning Resources Robot today and watch as your students develop essential coding skills while having fun along the way.