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Experience the cutting edge of education at Inventive Classroom, where learning is spherical with our assortment of Sphero robots. Immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of robotics and coding with our selection of app-driven robots that serve as more than just toys – they're instruments for STEM exploration and growth.

Dive into a world of interactive learning and boundless entertainment with Sphero robots. Beyond being mere gadgets, these robots serve as a gateway to hands-on learning and endless fun for your child. From the iconic Sphero BB-8 robot to the versatile Sphero Mini, each robot is equipped with sensors and app control features that offer immersive learning experiences and hours of enjoyment.

Empower your child to shape the future with our Sphero coding robots. Designed to inspire creativity and critical thinking, these robots provide intuitive coding interfaces and a wide range of coding tricks, games, and activities. With Sphero, children can unleash their imagination, develop essential skills, and have an absolute blast in the process.

Meet the Sphero Mini – a small robot ball packed with big features. Despite its compact size, this robot offers app-enabled controls and programmable capabilities, allowing children to dive into coding adventures from the get-go. Whether they're mastering the basics of block-based coding or tackling advanced programming concepts, the Sphero Mini offers endless possibilities for learning and exploration.

Unleash your coding potential with the Sphero Bolt. This sophisticated robot is equipped with advanced sensors and an LED matrix, offering endless possibilities for experimentation and creativity. Whether you're designing custom coding sequences or programming the Bolt to interact with its surroundings, the Bolt is the ultimate tool for taking your coding skills to new heights.

Let the Star Wars saga unfold with our BB-8 and droid robots. Children can step into the shoes of their favorite characters and embark on thrilling coding adventures. With these robots, the galaxy far, far away is closer than ever, sparking imagination and excitement in every child.

Dive into the digital age with Inventive Classroom's Sphero coding robots. Our commitment to children's success is evident in the engaging and educational experiences our robots offer. Through coding with Sphero, children develop crucial 21st-century skills while enjoying every moment. Join us on this exhilarating journey into the world of robotics and coding!